Good Questions to Ask Your Mentee

As you consider becoming a mentor, first, you need to understand your mentee’s personal and professional goals, think about what areas you have demonstrated success and experience in, and how you can best help your mentee. As you prepare for mentorship, it’s important to think about what questions you want to ask your mentee in order to determine how you can best help him or her. The following list of questions and topics is a good starting point for discussion to help you get the most out of the mentoring conversation.

Here are some suggested questions to ask your mentee:

  • Why did you select me as your mentor?
  • Which areas do you think I could potentially offer you some perspective with?
  • Tell me about some of your current professional goals.
  • What additional education, experience, or skills do you feel you will need to achieve your professional goals?
  • What skills do you excel in?
  • What are some areas that you would like to improve?
  • What does your current professional network look like?

At Diverse Talent Strategies, we help companies offer a workplace mentoring structure that is scalable, easy to administer, and is metric driven. We also help to ensure that participants are prepared for mentoring conversations, whether as the mentee or the mentor. If you would like assistance planning your company’s or organization’s mentoring initiative, contact us today at info@engagementoring.com.

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