Engage Mentoring LIVE Featuring Stephanie Newell

Each quarter, we conduct an Engage Mentoring LIVE event featuring successful leaders across the country sharing their perspective on leadership and mentoring. I had the great pleasure of interviewing Stephanie Newell for our recent Engage Mentoring LIVE session.

Stephanie Newell, Organization Builder at Crossover for Work, holds two science degrees in psychology and human resources development and has focused her career on helping small and mid-size companies develop people operations and strategies.  She has spent the last ten years leading HR teams in the high-tech industry.  Always reporting to a non-HR executive in her roles, Stephanie has relied heavily on mentoring outside of her organizations to hone her craft.

Her slightly non-traditional approach to career development allowed her to build a leadership style that represents some of the best traits of her mentors, but one that is uniquely her own based on candor, heart, and empowerment.  As she progressed her in career, mentoring others herself became a way to maintain confidence in her abilities and give back at the same time.

One of the great things that Stephanie spoke about during our interview is how she turned around a hiring process that wasn’t going her way. When the potential employer doubted her, she insisted that she was right for the job and convinced them to give her the chance. This story is a great example of using your own strength to get a position you are interested in and know that you could provide great expertise in. If you didn’t get a chance to tune into the live session, this story is one you’ll want to check out the recording for.

Listen to the full interview by following this link.

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