Developing leaders
through mentorship

What is Engage Mentoring all about?

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Developing Leaders
through mentorship

What is Engage Mentoring all about?

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A attract, retain, and develop leaders through mentorship


Most organizations:

  • Have five generations in the workplace
  • Have a talent pipeline that is lacking
  • Have an average tenure of two years or less on new hires
  • Are looking for ways to increase employee engagement and productivity


Engage Mentoring:

  • Addresses the need for knowledge transfer
  • Attracts talent hungry for development opportunity
  • Builds leadership capacity at all levels
  • Increases employee engagement
  • Plug and play tool that is cost effective and easy to administer

What Engage Mentoring offers

Targeted Leadership Programs

The Engage Mentoring program breaks attracting, retaining, and developing talent down to a science and scalable process that will improve your business ROI.

Upskill your Participants

Our programs are targeted for skill development, which provides a measurable and meaningful experience that meets people where they are and allows them to develop skills to help them be more productive and effective.

Mastermind Programs

Leaders come together in a facilitated discussion, where experts and people-focused leaders share best practices for getting ahead in an extremely competitive and ever-changing talent environment.

Four reasons
people Engage

We’ve developed a proven leadership development approach that incorporates mentoring and focuses on outcomes. We’ll match employees with the right mentors, administer a structured, accountable program, and provide ongoing reporting that confirms the value of your investment.

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train We train mentees to appreciate the value of mentoring and teach mentors how to share their knowledge more effectively.
report We report, with both quantitative and qualitative evidence of your program’s success.
structure We structure agendas, expectations, communications, and accountability.
match We match mentees with the right mentors for their specific needs.

95% of employees say
mentoring works

I am beginning a new division with our company that I haven’t had much experience in, and my mentor is helping tremendously in establishing the direction that I want to take to make this new venture a success.
- Chuck S.
Mentoring expands our experience, knowledge, and influence that supports our culture and brand. I enjoy mentoring because of what I continue to learn in the process and what I remember II should be doing in leading my leadership team.”
- Don Cates, President & CEO, 3Rivers Federal Credit Union
I enjoy sharing my professional experience with others and helping them to explore the what-ifs in their jobs and careers.
- Susan Boyd, VP Human Resources, Rea Magnet Wire Company
I really enjoyed speaking to my mentee. He is on the other side of the country and still has the same struggles that are going on in my region.
- Angie G.
We highly aligned on our goals and what we want out of the mentor/mentee relationship. We have strong actions coming out of the first call that will drive future interactions.
- Julie M.

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