Workplace mentoring as an employee benefit

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Why offer a structured workplace mentoring program?

It is a common belief that mentoring relationships can form naturally within an organization. However, leadership may not make time to take employees under their wing, employees may not take the initiative to ask, or there may be a lack of available mentors. Building a mentoring program from scratch can seem daunting.

Enter Engage Mentoring.  At Engage Mentoring, we believe every company should be able to offer workplace mentoring as an employee benefit and that making this offering should be easy.

Working with us to bring the Engage Mentoring program to your employees allows you to:

  • an existing mentoring community where employees can access mentors internally and externally and grow their skills as mentors
  • offer scalable, effective leadership programming that is easy to implement – simply select the employees and let us do the rest!
  • provide quality professional development that is cost effective
  • develop powerful employee mentoring relationships.
  • tap into the knowledge base of experts in attracting, retaining, and developing talent.
  • receive real-time data that tracks outcomes.

Workplace mentoring benefits your employees and your business.

Increased Productivity

  • 95% of mentoring program participants say their experience motivates them to do their very best
  • 88% productivity increase for managers who participate in a formal mentoring structure

Increased Retention

  • 77% of organizations report mentoring improves retention
  • Organizations report as high as a 20% reduction in turnover

Mentoring is a critical way to attract and retain high-quality employees.

In many instances, companies find that potential hires, especially Millennials and recent college graduates, are drawn to companies that demonstrate corporate social responsibility and offer opportunities for community engagement and volunteerism.

By promoting a culture of mentoring and developing the skills of mentors, employees experience positive growth in empathy, problem-solving abilities, and communication skills.

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Why partner with engage mentoring?

Engage Mentoring is a simple workplace mentoring program that offers a unique structure to attract, retain, and develop talent.  Our national movement mixes leadership development, corporate social responsibility, and HR data and insights to move the needle on current talent initiatives and help you build a thriving company culture.

Benefits of engage mentoring

  • Access to the depth and breadth of business leaders, as well as potential mentors and mentees in your local community
  • Proven programming combining talent development, diversity and inclusion, and community impact
  • Effective training for participants to be effective as both mentors and mentees to ensure a beneficial experience
  • Key Executive networking and learning through the Talent Executive Roundtables and local community involvement opportunities
  • 12-month mentoring program with 5 workshops and 12 hours of structured mentoring

Learn More About the Engage Mentoring Program

As a subsidiary of Diverse Talent Strategies, Engage Mentoring is grounded in a rich history of providing formal mentoring programs and leadership training programming.



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