Reflections and Looking Forward to 2022

Looking back over this past year, Engage Mentoring has hit strides of unmatched growth and development. Much of what we’ve accomplished this year has centered around exciting new clients, an enhancement to our program offerings, and the way that program is delivered through our software to our clients. We have added some incredible key staff […]

Our Vision at Engage Mentoring

Engage Mentoring has really mastered the art of offering external mentoring programs that will afford employers the ability to offer these programs to their employees that are fully administered by us and require no effort on part of the employer. Our program allows employees the unique opportunity to be able to give back to support […]

4 Types of Mentors You Should Have

At Engage Mentoring, we teach that everyone should have what we call a “Personal Board of Directors”, which means multiple people who can offer different perspectives that will help support you as you grow your career. Often, we think that we just need one mentor to guide us through life, but it’s so important to […]

Announcing the Project Lead for Women Initiative

The Project Lead for Women Initiative is a program that is for women who want to accelerate their learning, build incredible relationships, and move fast toward their goals. Part of this initiative is the Project Lead for Women Mastermind series, which combines group coaching with one-on-one mentoring and allows women to build incredible relationships with […]

Speaking from Experience, Robert Beltz: Impact of Mentors for LGBTQ+ Employees

Mentoring can be beneficial for everyone and it really should be a priority, but especially for diverse talent. I feel that there is a natural barrier that exists, many times, that may be internally from diverse talent or even LGBTQ+, specifically, which may prevent them from feeling comfortable enough to reach out and ask for […]

Jill Hauck Joins Engage Mentoring as Indiana Market Leader

Engage Mentoring is proud to announce and welcome Jill Hauck as the Indiana Market Leader, starting December 7, 2020. Jill will be responsible for growing the Engage Mentoring program in Indiana that is sponsored by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce as well as raising visibility and awareness for the statewide program. Jill is joining us […]

Interview with a Leader: Engage Mentoring LIVE—Featuring Mike Baer

Each quarter, Engage Mentoring conducts a LIVE event featuring successful leaders across the country who share their perspective on leadership and mentoring. Recently, I, Alison Martin, had the great pleasure of interviewing Mike Baer, Chief People Development Officer with EmployBridge, for our Engage Mentoring LIVE session. In his role as Chief People Development Officer for […]

Indianapolis Companies: Engage Your Employees Through Volunteerism

Each quarter, the Engage Mentoring Executive Talent Roundtables meet and have a focused discussion on a topic related to attracting, retaining, and developing talent. At our upcoming Engage Mentoring Executive Talent Roundtable, in Indianapolis, the focus topic will be Improving Employee Engagement Through Structured Volunteerism. To prepare for the discussion, I had the pleasure of […]

Interview with a Leader: Engage Mentoring LIVE, Featuring Pamela Morris-Thornton

Each quarter, we conduct an Engage Mentoring LIVE event, featuring successful leaders across the country who share their perspective on leadership and mentoring. I had the great pleasure of interviewing Pamela Morris-Thornton for our first Engage Mentoring LIVE session. Pamela Morris-Thornton, a St. Louis native, is Vice President, Corporate Human Resources, for Panera LLC. She […]