Engage Mentoring Launches The HR, Diversity and CEO Leadership Forums

Indianapolis, IN — February 15th, 2023: Engage Mentoring announced today the launch of three new leadership forums aimed at executives who need mentorship as ongoing support for their roles. These include the HR Leadership Forum, the Diversity Leadership Forum and the CEO Leadership Forum.

“So often, HR and Diversity professionals are responsible for the development of their employees, but rarely have an outlet for themselves to be able to gain perspective in the form of mentorship and have access to 1:1 mentoring for themselves. These programs are designed to allow opportunities for peer group mentorship as well as 1:1 mentoring on topics of the participants choosing and both programs are eligible for SHRM credits, said Alison Martin, Managing Partner of Engage Mentoring.

Today’s corporate world recognizes the value of mentorship and how it can lift people to new personal and professional heights. Like apprenticeships in prior generations, mentorships have the ability to pass on hard-earned, practical industry wisdom in ways that conventional training can’t match. This is one of the best ways to grow the next wave of managers and executives from within the organization. However, the mechanics of facilitating mentor/mentee relationships and schedules within and especially between organizations has been difficult for decades. 

The HR Leadership Forum

The new HR Leadership Forum is for HR professionals at all stages of their career. The program allows HR leaders to become part of a peer mentoring community to learn and grow as both a mentor and a mentee from others in the program. This is a leadership program for Human Resources Leaders who demonstrate a commitment to their development and the development of others. The program provides connections and opportunities for growth,” she added.

“Together, we are building the largest and most effective professional mentoring program for HR leaders in the nation. We have seen a lot of interest from HR partner organizations and professionals as we are living in a very critical time in this industry for engagement,” said Alison Martin.

The Diversity Leadership Forum

The Diversity Leadership Forum is a program for diversity professionals to collaborate in a safe space with others working in the diversity space and who are responsible for building a thriving diverse workforce within their company. The program provides connections and opportunities for growth.

“The foundation of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in any workplace is access to relationships. Emotionally intelligent leaders and teams are critical to the health and strength of any organizational culture. Organizations that get this right drive cultures where teams communicate better, collaborate effectively and create meaningful relationships. This helps to ensure their most valuable asset (talent within the organization) feels seen and driven to want to be their best. We developed the Diversity Leadership Forum so that professionals could learn from each other and implement best practices,” said Yalonda Brown, president of diversity initiatives at Engage Mentoring.

This is a leadership program for Diversity professionals to collaborate in a safe space with others working in the diversity space. The program provides connections and opportunities for growth.In the Leadership 1:1 mentoring development program, participants choose leadership topics based on an initial assessment, then choose a mentor to work on one topic every three months. Sample topics include Leadership, Confidence, Communication skills, Executive presence, Business acumen, Presentation skills, Managing diversity and Developing through coaching.

The CEO Leadership Forum

The CEO Leadership Forum is a formalized mentoring program for CEOs to collaborate with other executive leaders and receive mentorship on the many challenges they face. “It is intended to maximize the potential of current and future leaders. This program provides a safe space for like-minded people-focused leaders,” adds Martin.

Engage Mentoring is led by founder and managing director, Alison Martin, and Yalonda Brown, president of diversity initiatives, offers a scalable platform, from best-in-class software to structured employee mentorship programs, that can help companies eliminate the logistical challenges of mentorship and dramatically boost the organizational benefits realized from helping employees to help each other.

About Engage Mentoring

Engage Mentoring’s mission is to transform cultures by leveraging software that provides access to meaningful relationships. We work with companies of all sizes and now offer leadership forums for professionals who work in the human resources and diversity space. Learn more at www.engagementoring.com.

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