an exclusive invitation-only program for top executives.

The C-Suite Exchange Forum is a program for C-Level Executives to collaborate with other executive leaders and receive mentorship on the many challenges facing leaders today. This program provides a safe space for like-minded executive leadership.

an executive leadership program like no other

This unique program provides a confidential space to participate in monthly facilitated small group sessions, combining group coaching and mentoring. In addition, you gain access to a worldwide database of mentors from a variety of different industries on leadership development topics of your choosing. This year-round program accelerates learning and development and only requires a time commitment of 2-4 hours each month.

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benefits of the C-SUITE EXCHANGE program

engage and collaborate with top leaders from companies around the world

learn from up to four different mentors each year on topics of your choosing

discover innovative strategies for attracting, retaining, and developing talent

participate in group mentoring with peers in addition to one on one mentoring

option to sponsor two of your employees as Developing Leaders at an additional cost

complete our guided on-demand coursework and Earn a mentoring certification

expand your network and develop your employees

As a participant in the C-Suite Exchange, you have the option to also sponsor up to two Developing Leaders in the program at an additional cost. This program is open to employees at all levels and allows us to meet your people where they are and allows you to ensure they have the skills necessary to be successful.

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c-suite exchange candidate criteria:

Participation in the C-Suite Exchange is by invitation only. Designed for senior leaders, criteria for selection is based on size of company, size of team, and level of seniority in the organization, following the guidelines below:


employees or less:

Candidate must be C-Level
Revenues must be $1 million or more

31 - 999


Maximum 3 levels from CEO
Must manage a team of 10 people or more



Maximum 4 levels from CEO
Must manage a team of 10 people or more