Why Love, Service, and Leadership Go Hand in Hand | Marcia Barnes

Marcia Barnes (@HoosierMarketer), CEO of Valve+Meter, knows the importance of building relationships in the workplace, and she believes loving and serving our people is the key to unlocking strong relationships.

At Valve+Meter, Marcia and her team define love as acting in the long-term best interest of another. In this episode of Gut Plus Science, you’ll hear why the performance marketing company uses love as a core value in business.

How can you build trust with your people in order to get permission to lead them? And how do servant leadership and love work together? You’ll want to hear Marcia’s valuable advice.

Truth You Can Act On:

  1. Get Permission to Lead. Don’t assume people are ready. Building trust and building relationships with people take time – this doesn’t happen overnight.
  2. Serve Your People. What can you do for your people? Take time to listen to your employees and follow up on what you heard. People want to follow selfless servant leaders.
  3. Small Deposits Make an Impact. Know your people’s names, write notes, and remember what others share with you. It’s the little things that help people know you care.

Book Recommendation:

Listen to the full podcast below or visit: https://gutplusscience.com/marcia-barnes/


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