A specialized leadership development program for women and allies.

This 12-month program for female leaders and allies includes monthly individual mentoring sessions on topics of their choosing and group mentoring forums involving participants across the country every other month. 

what makes engage different?

When it comes to culture, access to relationships is critical. Mentoring makes it happen.

We’re not the only mentoring solution, but we’re separating ourselves from the pack. By implementing the Project Lead for Women Program, you’ll provide opportunities to connect with leaders across the nation – not limited to within your companies. We work with companies regardless of industry and size, from startup to enterprise. Your employees can pursue a mentoring certification that teaches them how to be a successful mentor, increasing their leadership capacity. 

what the program includes

1:1 mentoring

Employees select topics of their choosing for areas of growth and leverage our technology to self-select a mentor of their choice on that topic for 3-months. At the culmination of those 3-months, participants select a new area of growth and a new mentor – resulting in a total of 4 mentors per year.

group mentorship & coaching

Every other month, group mentoring sessions are provided for your employees to participate in. Providing a space for public speakers, a variety of insights and group coaching for your employees. 

mentoring certification

Ensuring our mentors and mentees are having impactful conversations is key! We teach each employee through a five-session coursework on how to be a successful mentor and certify them at their completion. 

capacity building tools

Accessing our robust Skills Learning Library provides additional tools and resources that your employees can access 24/7. This library of resources covering more than 40 topics in both personal and skill development provides additional guidance for growth. 

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"Being able to interact with this group of women reinforces that ability to be vulnerable, to create a safe space, so that all of us trust each other and grow from it."

Casey Schroeppel

Executive Director, Elanco

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Our program gets your employees connected

project lead for women participants can...

how the program works

Step 1: launching the program

The Project Lead for Women program is fully administered by us. This means no lift from your internal teams saving you the time and hassle.

Step 2: mentoring matching

Our proprietary software allows you to filter and sort mentors on criteria that’s important to you (race, gender, years of experience, industry, etc.), allowing you to select a mentor that will resonate with you.

step 3: library of resources

Our program goes beyond connecting your team to mentors. We have developed a robust, curated library of learning resources for self-guided improvement.

step 4: reporting & analytics

Reports are sent directly to you so no need to constantly log in and check the dashboard – but it’s there if you want it. Monthly analytics ensure engagement and allows us to track impact.

here's how you get started

We make the initialization process seamless for you and your team.

Let’s discuss where you’re wanting to move the needle inside your company. Start the conversation by clicking the button below.

We’ll explain the details & timeline of getting your program up and running.

We provide communications templates to help gauge interest from your team and start the enrollment process.

After your participants list is finalized, we’ll handle all onboarding and orientation for you!