Our Vision at Engage Mentoring

October 27, 2021

Engage Mentoring has really mastered the art of offering external mentoring programs that will afford employers the ability to offer these programs to their employees that are fully administered by us and require no effort on part of the employer. Our program allows employees the unique opportunity to be able to give back to support the next generation of future leaders.

Our most significant partnerships, in terms of accomplishing this vision of creating the largest and most effective mentoring program in the nation, is the one that is being conducted in partnership with the Indiana Chamber of Commerce as part of their Institute for Workforce Excellence, as well as the Indiana Commission for Higher Ed. In this, we are talking to every employer in the state of Indiana about offering mentoring as a part of their development strategy and allowing those employees to have access to mentors both inside and outside of the company. In addition,  through our partnership with the Indiana Commission for Higher Ed, we are allowing every twenty-first-century scholar student in their undergrad program the opportunity to connect to mentors throughout the business community.

This partnership enables us to not only support the talent in the next generation and hopefully retain more talent here in the great state of Indiana, but also to engage employees not just seeing themselves as mentees, but also as mentors by their willingness to give back to the younger population. We see this as something that is so critically needed.

Our grandest vision is to have a program like this in every state in the future.


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