Mentoring Programs for Employee Resource Groups

It is a common belief that mentoring relationships can form naturally within an organization. However, leadership may not make time to take employees under their wing, employees may not take the initiative to ask, or there may be a lack of available mentors. Building a mentoring program from scratch can seem daunting.

Employee Resource Groups are often formed to try to naturally foster mentoring relationships as a retention strategy for diverse populations. Usually, these groups are run by volunteers with limited time and budget resources. Mentoring is often the number one resource requested and the most poorly executed.

The Engage Mentoring Program was developed with these groups in mind. We believe every company should be able to offer workplace mentoring as an employee benefit and that making this offer available should be easy.

Working with us to bring the Engage Mentoring program to your employees allows you to:

  • offer scalable, effective leadership programming that is easy to implement—simply select the employees and let us do the rest!
  • provide quality professional development that is cost-effective.
  • develop powerful employee mentoring relationships.
  • tap into the knowledge base of experts who attract, retain, and develop talent.
  • receive real-time data that tracks outcomes.

To learn more about the Engage Mentoring program, visit engagementoring.com.

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At Engage Mentoring, our mission is to help organizations grow inclusive cultures of diverse talent by leveraging technology that provides access to meaningful relationships.

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