Interview with a Leader: Engage Mentoring LIVE Featuring Amy Woodall

Each quarter, we conduct an Engage Mentoring LIVE event featuring successful leaders across the country sharing their perspective on leadership and mentoring. I had the great pleasure of interviewing Amy Woodall for our recent Engage Mentoring LIVE session.

Amy Woodall is the Executive Vice President of Trustpointe, Inc., an award-winning franchise of Sandler Training. Specializing in the DISC behavioral model and the Sandler Selling System, Amy is a sought-after speaker and trainer through Indiana and across the country. Amy offers many talks and workshops such as conscious selling, bridging the gap in sales and service, coaching through conflict, and ‘People Suck” which helps you learn to deal with difficult people.

A product of the product, Amy slaps audiences with realization and appreciation of each individual’s striking difference. Amy helps companies develop sales and service driven cultures. Amy isn’t a therapist by trade, but she does dive deep into the source of psychological and business culture issues holding companies back from the results they are struggling to achieve.

One of the many great things we spoke about during our time together was meditation. Amy spoke about the Ziva Meditation program and we wanted to link you all to this for further information if you’re also interested in this particular way of managing our mindfulness.

Listen to the full interview by following this link.

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