Inspiration from “Learning to Lead Through Mentoring” For Your Mentoring Conversations

“Learning to Lead Through Mentoring” was first published in 2013 and later rereleased in 2016. It covers a journey of discovery for people who would read it to really reflect on not only their own personal story and where they’ve overcome challenges and setbacks in life but really creating a foundation for the types of conversations you might have with a mentor.

Some of the topics contained include overcoming failure, identifying your core values, developing grit and consistency, and really leveraging your network to find effective mentors. It was written from the perspective of being a mentee but helps readers to become clear on why you would want to seek a mentor, identify what types of conversations to have with that mentor. “Learning to Lead Through Mentoring” helps readers to get clear about what their goals are, what they’re working towards, and in identifying the right mentor for you, given where you are in your journey.

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