mentoring software increases employee engagement & retention and improves culture

Our passionate team has carefully designed our innovative Engage Mentoring software to fit a variety of environments. Offering our mentoring platform as an additional benefit to your organization is a tangible way to show your investment in them, both professionally and personally.

what is Engage Mentoring software?

Engage Mentoring software is a technical platform that organizations use to effectively run successful mentoring programs. This includes:

matching mentors and mentees based on topics and skills

scheduling and tracking meetings in the mentorship platform

providing insights for organizations to stay on track with their goals

how does our software program help with skill development?

We have a vast amount of experience working with organizations of all sizes to offer a formalized skills-based mentoring program. We are the only mentoring software that is scalable and able to work with any sized companies. We are the only mentoring software that has a built in training and certification program to ensure your workforce is prepared and engaged. We are the only platform that has the option for external mentoring. Finally, we are the only software that fully administers your program. We are your outsourced resource for innovative mentoring software that is designed to help you attract, retain, and develop a more engaged employee population.

what is the impact of implementing a mentoring program?


94% of people said they would stay at an organization longer if they were offered opportunities to learn and grow.


Retention rates were much higher for mentees (72%) and mentors (69%) than for employees who did not participate in the mentoring program (49%).


Promotion and retention rates for minorities and women climbed from 15% to 38% as compared to non-mentored employees.

engage mentoring software provides:


We work with clients of all sizes.  Our smallest client has 8 team members and our largest client is deployed in 35+ countries.

social impact

As a give back, we partner with nonprofits and universities to sponsor college students in our Aspiring Leaders mentoring program.  By working with us, you are impacting the next generation of future leaders.

mentoring certification

Participants in our mentoring program are fully trained and certified as mentors, ensuring their preparedness for the mentoring conversations.  This certification is built into the software and offered on demand.

full administration

Best of all, our programs are fully administered by us – which means absolutely no lift on your end. We make mentoring easy for your management!

our innovative mentor matching engine provides a positive experience for your people:

The Engage Mentoring program is built to fit companies of all sizes and is fully administered by our team. Our mentoring software is a perfect complement to your internal mentoring initiatives. Your mentorship program participants enjoy our expert matching algorithm and the provided tools for success. Management enjoys the employee development within the organization and the mentoring culture it builds.

1. choose topics & skills

Participants on our platform self-select key areas and topics for development and growth. By providing key topics for both personal and professional experience, our mentoring solution allows your users to develop their whole selves.

2. schedule mentoring meetings

Engage Mentoring software makes selecting times that work best for both mentors and mentees quick and easy. Mentors identify when they’re typically available and mentees can select several sessions within the provided options.

3. browse built-in resources

Participants can take advantage of our comprehensive archive of the learning resource tools that are built-in to our software. They are easy to use and teach users the art of mentoring.

4. executive reporting dashboard

Each client has access to their own dashboard of reports, giving you the data and insights you need to stay on track with your goals and maximize your mentoring program’s impact.

learn more about our mentorship software platform

Our innovative mentorship programs provide an opportunity for development and support of your workforce, association members or students while creating culture of learning.. Book a free demo of Engage Mentoring software and find out how our programs can help increase the value of your organization.

we help our clients attract, retain, and develop their talent

Our programs combine peer exchange forums with one-on-one mentoring designed to meet people where they are and develop their leadership capacity.

using mentoring software has never been this easy.

We understand that you need your mentoring solution to be easy to implement! Your program is fully administered by our team. We create the program based on outcomes you want to achieve and can stand up your mentorship program in as little as two weeks.

what customers are saying about our employee development programs: