HuWork Partners with Engage Mentoring to Build a Mentoring Women’s Network Executive Council in Denver

Engage Mentoring, a company that helps organizations engage, inspire and develop their employees through meaningful feedback, learning opportunities, and measurable outcomes is thrilled to announce its partnership with HuWork. HuWork offers interactive workshops, coaching, and consulting that help organizations, leaders, and teams take on the mindsets and actions needed to create more human-centric workplaces.

With this partnership, Engage Mentoring and HuWork aim to establish a Mentoring Women’s Network Executive Council in Denver, CO. Additionally, they plan to extend the Mentoring Women’s Network program to companies in the area, enhancing women’s leadership development efforts and helping companies in attracting, retaining, and developing their employees.

Engage Mentoring operates on the principle of being a full-service partner with tech-enabled programs, serving as an extension of your team to support your specific goals. Their unique approach includes providing peer exchange opportunities, ensuring that their network becomes your network, incorporating individual development plans, aligning their goals with your organization’s goals, and handling all the details prioritizing personal connections over just being another platform.

This means that through Engage Mentoring, companies gain access to external connections across different organizations, enhancing their network, while also benefiting from individual skill development plans that enable tracking of outcomes and ROI. Engage Mentoring distinguishes itself as more than just software, it’s a dedicated full-service partner committed to the success of its clients.

“I am so grateful to the mentors who have been part of my leadership career journey, and I am thrilled to have this opportunity to help bring the Mentoring Women’s Network Executive Council to Denver,” said Bonnie Davis, Founding Partner of HuWork.

“The partnership with HuWork is a natural fit, aligning with Engage Mentoring’s commitment to empowering women leaders with the essential support and guidance necessary for success in their roles,” said Alison Martin, Founder and Managing Partner of Engage Mentoring. “Together, we provide a secure space for like-minded leaders to collaborate, share insights, and receive mentor-guided learning on leadership topics tailored to their needs, recognizing the pivotal role women’s leadership development plays in engaging their most valuable asset—their people. At Engage Mentoring, we believe every employee should have the opportunity to reach their full potential.”

About Engage Mentoring:
Engage Mentoring is on a mission to help organizations engage, inspire and develop their employees through meaningful feedback, learning opportunities, and measurable outcomes. Learn more about the Mentoring Women’s Network program at: www.mentoringwomensnetwork.com.

About HuWork:
HuWork improves the effectiveness of organizations, teams, and leaders through consulting, coaching, and facilitation. They help create more human, inclusive, and meaningful workplaces where people and businesses thrive. Learn more: https://huworkteam.com.

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At Engage Mentoring, our mission is to help organizations grow inclusive cultures of diverse talent by leveraging technology that provides access to meaningful relationships.

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