Deepen Your Organization’s Core Values by Better Leveraging Your Mentoring Program

First and foremost, it is important that every organization has core values identified. Core values help to guide an organization’s every decision, whether it is hiring or what they do from a business perspective and what their business practices are. If a business has established this as part of their culture and they really remain true to them, a mentoring program can be a powerful extension of those values. It ties them to specific competencies that all employees ideally have or are demonstrating or are working towards.

In other words, if in a business culture where communication is really important, it’s crucial that all employees are working continually on competencies that are going to allow them to be successful in that organization, recognizing that everyone has different skills and abilities.

Being able to connect people who have a higher level of demonstrated skill in each of those competencies can, again, tie back to what the core mission of the organization is. Making sure that every employee is truly being held accountable for the same type of qualities and skills that are needed to be successful.

If you haven’t started your organization’s mentoring program, Engage Mentoring can help you get started and stay on track for success.

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