Engage Mentoring Welcomes Susan Abel to the team!

Engage Mentoring is excited to welcome our newest team member: Susan Abel!

Susan joins us as our New Market Development Leader! In this role, she will be instrumental in helping launch new markets, creating visibility for our programs, and expanding the reach of our mentoring community.

For nearly fifteen years, Susan had dedicated her skills to sales and business development, but she also has prior experience in education and the consumer goods market. During the last five years, Susan has primarily been focused within the Tech Industry, and most recently, she was an SDR Manager responsible for recruiting and onboarding, sales enablement support, as well as lead generation.

She is originally from Terre Haute, Indiana, but has lived in Indianapolis for almost twenty years. She is married and has a seven-year-old daughter named Katie Rose. Susan enjoys horseback riding, reading (when she can find the time!), traveling, and spending time with her family and friends.

She is up to the challenge of a new industry. “I am excited for the opportunity to build new markets and share the vision for growth and development at Engage Mentoring! I really enjoy gaining a better understanding of people’s personal and professional goals, so I believe my skills will result in building meaningful connections. I think the main challenge will be learning the mechanics of our mentoring platform, but I am excited to meet that challenge head on!!”

Her biggest inspiration is her stepmother, Nancy. She had to overcome many obstacles, all while working full-time, going to school, and raising four children. “She has taught me that with hard work and determination, anything is possible!!,” said Susan.

Susan enjoys all genres of music and even occasionally listens to some classical pieces. But her absolute favorite is older pop/rock from the 80’s and 90’s!

And her family has several pets!!! They have a standard poodle named Shorty, 2 Siamese cats named Cleo and Sheba and they also have 3 horses that they board in nearby Bloomington named Jazzy, Alice, and Bernie!!

Welcome to the team Susan!! We are so honored to have you with us!!!

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