9 Ways Mentoring Has a Positive on Mental Health

Mentoring is a personal development program that employers can use to care for their team. According to the Mental Health Foundation, mentoring your workforce uplifts their well-being and increases productivity by 12%. The first step towards realizing this positive impact of mentoring is hiring professional mentors. 

Let’s explore the specific impact mentoring can have on the psychological well-being and mental health of your employees.

1. Exposure to New Skills 

Mentorship programs motivate and expose employees to a set of new skills and knowledge. It helps them identify their strengths & weaknesses and learn how to manage work-life balance and self-doubt.

Mentoring employees helps them develop their careers competently. This gives them hope and optimism toward fulfilling their goals.

2. Increase Productivity 

Every year, the top 1% of productive employees add about $5,000 in profits for an organization. This is a result of employee engagement. Mentoring increases employee engagement by addressing their unique needs. It creates employee value, inclusion, and equity that make individuals more productive.

3. Reduce Isolation

Employees with mental health issues tend to self-isolate. A mentoring program creates a conducive environment for employees to open up and socialize. 

Mentoring builds a support system that accommodates all employees. This boosts their confidence, respect, and trust when interacting with the management.

4. Build Engagement 

Some employees develop enmity between themselves, which may affect their work efficiency. Mentoring brings such employees together and allows them to interact deeply and rethink their connection. Studies show that workplace friendships build engagement and improve employee performance, care, and customer relationship. 

5. Boost Self Confidence

Self-doubt and low self-esteem about an employee’s abilities negatively affect their mental health. For instance, employees with low self-confidence lack the motivation to apply for promotions at their workstations.

Through mentoring, the employees receive encouragement that helps them rebuild their self-worth and confidence. This results in positive decisions on self-growth through practical steps. 

6. Reduce the Feelings of Anxiety 

Anxiety is a significant mental health problem among employees. It affects their well-being, abilities, and how they execute tasks assigned to them. Employees may end up underperforming or not meeting deadlines for a given duty. 

Mentorship allows anxious employees to express themselves. It introduces them to new ideas that expand and develop their self-belief and mindsets. This helps reduce the feeling of anxiety and doubt.

7. Foster Self-Awareness 

Self-awareness is a critical part of mental health. Mentors help individuals identify their strengths and weaknesses, recognize their potential, and be accountable for their actions. Self-awareness enables employees to work through challenging issues. Such employees improve their time management, plan ahead, and prioritize tasks.

8. Improve Networking 

Employees with mental health problems isolate themselves and rarely build work-related relationships. Mentoring brings new perspectives to such employees and helps them feel as part of the company. They build trust and connection within the business and themselves by sharing their diverse experiences, skills, and knowledge. 

9. Increase Inclusion

40% of employees who left their work in 2017 cited exclusion, unfairness, or mistreatment as a reason for quitting. Mentoring focuses on workplace inclusion by creating and promoting diversity, equity, empathy, and acceptance. This encourages employees to call out biases without fear. Plus, it makes them feel part of the business and stand equal chances of promotion.

Let’s Build Your Mentoring Program Together

At Engage Mentoring, we build impactful mentoring programs to help businesses achieve diversity, equity, and inclusion goals. Plus, we help companies attract, develop, and retain talent.

Mentoring has a positive impact on the mental health of employees. It uplifts their well-being, self-confidence & awareness, inclusion, and networking, reduces anxiety, and increases productivity by 12%.

Engage Mentoring is your ideal partner in leveraging technology to grow an inclusive culture of diverse talent. We are passionate about people and relationships. Let us administer a comprehensive and scalable mentoring program for your team today. 

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