7 Benefits of Being a Mentor

We should always look for opportunities to develop our skills and learn new things. However, life can get in the way of your self-improvement efforts. You’ll remain on track when you have someone to advise and guide you. Even though mentoring can accelerate self-development, only 37 percent of professionals have a mentor.

When you think of mentoring, what comes to mind is the benefits the mentee gets. What’s in it for the mentor? Giving back by developing the next generation of leaders is an excellent reason to become a mentor. Unlike the popular belief that only mentees stand to benefit from mentorship, mentors can gain as well. Mentorship is valuable for gaining confidence, developing leadership, and expanding networks.  There is perhaps no better way to develop leadership skills than by learning how to be an effective mentor.

You are already busy as a leader, but taking the time to mentor someone is a great opportunity you should not miss out on. You may be concerned if you have the capacity, but you don’t need years of experience to become a mentor. Mentoring is a mutual way that allows both participants to develop transferable skills. Here are the benefits you will gain from being a mentor.

1. Demonstrates Leadership Skills

One important leadership principle is supporting other people to take action. You can practice that by being a mentor. A mentorship program allows you to be in a position of responsibility and push through any self-doubt you may experience as a leader. The mentee will gain useful skills through your instruction and guidance.

2. Hones New Skills

Both the mentor and mentee have different perspectives. By listening to your mentee’s approach, you’ll begin to think differently. You’ll learn to work with people of different generations and get insights into new topics. Mentees will also keep you up to speed with the current technologies.

3. Expands Your Network

Meeting new people in your field is good for your career. Even though it is not a motivational factor, the networks are invaluable. You should always treat your network as your wealth. Every new person that joins your network expands your reach. Your mentees will work for other organizations and the connections might help you, your company, and future mentees.

4. It Raises Your Profile in the Company

Mentors are influential and successful leaders for organizations with a formal mentoring program. When you develop mentees, you’ll be adding value to your organization. As such, your reputation in the company improves.

5. Boosts Confidence

Being a mentor also boosts your confidence. It is exhilarating to transfer the knowledge you have gained over the years to others. If you doubt your worth, taking time to teach others will clear any doubt. The enthusiasm of your mentees will also give you energy.

6. Satisfaction from Giving Back

By sharing your experience, you can greatly impact an individual’s future. Giving back to someone who didn’t have access to your expertise can be a rewarding experience. It is especially true when you get the results you hoped for in the mentoring program.

7. Improving Communication Skills

Due to short attention spans, most people are not good listeners. Being a good listener will ensure you are effective in your career and jobs. Mentoring allows you to become a good listener and provide feedback actively. It also enables you to practice verbal communication with people. By mentoring, your ability to communicate effectively will improve.

Mentoring is a win-win for the participants. The mentee gains experience from a seasoned person in the workplace. The mentor boosts their confidence, expands their network, and develops new skills. Mentoring is a perfect opportunity if you want to gain insights that you did not otherwise have. We provide a structured and scalable mentoring program for workplaces across the country. Contact us today to get started.

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