Engage Mentoring Launches National Engage Leadership Program

Indianapolis, IN, October 3rd, 2023Engage Mentoring, a company that helps organizations develop their people affordably, efficiently, and at scale, is excited to announce the national launch of the Engage Leadership Program.

Most leaders have relied on mentors throughout their career, yet the higher they go, the more critical mentoring becomes and the harder it is to access. Executive leaders are often expected to be the mentor and have all of the answers, but what about accessing mentoring for themselves? In recognition of the significant need that leaders have for mentorship, the Engage Leadership Program was born.

The Engage Leadership Program is the nation’s premier tech-enabled executive mentoring and leadership initiative designed for people leaders and high-potential nominated employees. By offering this program, companies can strategically develop their most valuable asset – their talent. Open to people leaders and nominated employees at all levels, this forum offers leadership development to individuals committed to their growth as effective leaders. The Engage Leadership Program features peer exchange group sessions, mentoring training and certification, one-on-one skills-based mentoring, personalized skill development plans, capacity building tools, and a comprehensive dashboard with reporting.

“We are excited to bring the Engage Leadership Program to business leaders and executives across the country. We believe the program is a game changer for companies who realize how critical tactical leadership development is for engaging their most valuable asset – their people,” said Alison Martin, Founder and Managing Partner of Engage Mentoring. “Our program is meticulously designed to provide busy people leaders with the support and guidance needed for success in their roles. It offers a safe space for like-minded leaders to collaborate, share insights, and receive mentorship on leadership topics of their choice.”

By participating in the program, people leaders and high potential employees can connect for one on one mentoring sessions and participate in group mentoring with other leaders on topics of their choosing, while also being willing to share perspective with others in the program on selected topics. This exchange of ideas allows for the building of a meaningful relationship with business and thought leaders from a variety of different industries.

The Engage Leadership Program is now accepting applications from companies across the country. For more information, visit Engage Mentoring.

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Engage Mentoring is on a mission to help organizations develop their people affordably, efficiently and at scale. Learn more at: www.engagementoring.com.

about engage mentoring

At Engage Mentoring, our mission is to help organizations grow inclusive cultures of diverse talent by leveraging technology that provides access to meaningful relationships.

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