Connecting and Engaging Students, Alumni and Employers

A year-round program enabling one-hour monthly sessions scheduled with ease

Proven platform that combines skill development, leadership development and talent recruitment all in one place

Effective training for mentors and mentees to ensure success

Networking and learning among students, alumni and employers

The Benefits of Working with Us

Engaging alumni and employers and connecting them with students is key for the success of all members of your university community. Developing a structured mentoring program is an effective way to facilitate those connections and is a goal for many colleges and universities.

That’s why Engage Mentoring has created a proven process to offer a mentoring program tailored to your specific goals without the typical administrative headaches. Having a structured mentoring program designed for your community offers you a way to engage your alumni, students and employers by giving them access to critical relationships and to develop their networks.

At Engage Mentoring, we take the guesswork out of mentoring.

Often, mentoring programs fail because they are poorly designed and fail to address how to best match mentors and mentees, schedule the sessions, train and prepare participants, and measure success.

A successful mentoring program addresses all of these important elements. At Engage Mentoring, we do all of this administrative work you. We make university mentoring programs easy and impactful and we deliver measurable results!

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University Mentoring Programs Really Are This Easy

We work with you to recruit the participants and invite them to apply.  Then, we take it from there.  We fully administer your program. Building an association mentoring program has never been this easy!


You select participants


We handle onboarding and training.


Your participants select topics and match with qualified mentors.


We facilitate a 12-month structured program


You receive monthly progress reports.


We review results together annually.

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77% of organizations say mentoring boosts retention

My mentee asked great questions, followed through on tasks in between calls, and deepened her involvement on campus. She was a pleasure to work with, and we had many similar interests and could relate to each other easily.

Katherine K.

My mentor was an amazing resource, extremely relatable, and all-around caring individual. This was a new experience for both of us, but she was able to effectively give tips and guidance to me navigate through college.

Maleah R.

My mentor is very nice, and it’s been a great joy getting to know her. She has provided wonderful suggestions I have incorporated into my process and I can see the beginnings of positive results.

Bryan S.

I have really enjoyed getting to know my mentee. We have very similar interests and passions and my experiences match her needs. It has been a really rewarding experience!

Kate K.

We highly aligned on our goals and what we want out of the mentor/mentee relationship. We have strong actions coming out of the first call that will drive future interactions.

Julie M

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