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The Developing Leaders Program is a formalized mentoring program for employees that have a desire to grow themselves and others. This program is shifting the culture, organizationally. Some employers offer this to support sales staff or their organization’s diversity initiatives. Other employers offer the program to all employees in their company as a way to support everyone’s individual development. This program is all about upskilling – the idea that every employee has their own unique development opportunities.

the benefits of our workplace mentoring programs

At Engage Mentoring, our workplace mentorship programs combine group mentoring with 1:1 mentoring on topics of the participants choosing. In our group mentorship forums, participants hear from speakers on a variety of topics and collaborate in discussion with other participants to increase engagement and outcomes in the program and help mentees spot their next mentor.

Mentoring is a powerful way to improve the company’s culture, increase employee engagement and improve employee retention rates. A successful workplace mentoring program addresses the key components of creating an impactful experience for the participants, including planning, training for both mentors and mentees, successful matching, scheduling, and measurement.

We believe mentoring should not be based on hierarchy, but rather on learning outcomes. We believe successful mentoring structures should include reverse mentoring as well as peer mentoring and should be outcome based. We come alongside our clients to design an impactful workplace mentorship program that is focused on measurable learning outcomes for both mentors and mentees.

We are the only mentoring platform that is able to work with companies of all sizes.

We are the only mentoring program that has a proprietary training and certification built into the tool.

We are the only mentorship program that offers our clients the option for external mentoring for their mentors and mentees.

We are the only mentoring program that fully administers the program on behalf of our clients.

We work hard so you don’t have to. We design your program from start to finish. From marketing the program to your employees and encouraging them to apply, to onboarding, training, monitoring success, and measuring and reporting outcomes, we do it all. This is the most efficient way to implement a mentorship program!

Employees opt into a program to take charge of their own development. Access to a meaningful mentoring relationship is not just a nice to have, but a need to have when it comes to workplace culture. A structured mentoring program provides a way to successfully address many of the challenges facing organizations today, including:

  • Succession planning
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Inclusion and belonging
  • Talent attraction & retention rates
  • Efficient skill development
  • Improving communication
  • Removing barriers and silos
  • Helping employers spot talent
  • Building leadership capacity at all levels

Historically, a formalized mentorship program was an offering reserved only for enterprise companies. In fact, 84% of Fortune 500 companies offer some sort of structured mentoring program, but this offering is rarely seen in smaller companies due to lack of available mentors and/or limited resources. At Engage Mentoring, we are proud to be able to work with companies of all sizes to build scalable, impactful, and measurable programs. People choose from more than 50 different topics aimed at skill development and personal growth. In our application, employees are able to choose their mentor and have the opportunity to work with a variety of mentors throughout the year. Each quarter, participants choose a topic and select a mentor to work with them on that topic, while taking advantage of supplemental learning. We take the guesswork out of mentoring and deliver measurable results.

All too often, employers are missing the mark when it comes to investing in the development of employees who are at the greatest risk of attrition. They may be investing in executive coaching for their executives and they may be investing in programs for high potential employees but are often not investing in newer employees and may have an attrition issue as a result. A formalized mentorship program is such a powerful way to meet employees where they are and address so many of the key drivers for what makes employees want to stay by helping them to see a path. Guaranteeing access to a mentoring relationship is a powerful way to articulate to a new employee why they would want to come work for you. Let us help make this powerful offering a reality.

what the mentoring platform includes:

1:1 mentoring program

Employees select topics of their choosing for areas of growth and leverage our technology to self-select a mentor of their choice on that topic for 3-months. At the culmination of those 3-months, mentees select a new area of growth and a new mentor – resulting in a total of 4 mentors per year.

group mentorship & coaching

Every other month, group mentoring sessions are provided for your employees to participate in. Providing a space for public speakers, a variety of insights and group coaching for your employees.

mentor certification

Ensuring our mentors and mentees are having impactful conversations is key! We teach each employee through a five-session coursework on how to be a successful mentor and certify them at their completion.

capacity building tools

Accessing our robust Skills Learning Library provides additional tools and resources that your employees can access 24/7. This library of resources covering more than 40 topics in both personal and skill development provides additional guidance for growth.

When it comes to improving workplace culture, mentors and mentees are the way make it happen

We’re not the only mentoring solution, but we’re separating ourselves from the pack. By implementing our mentorship program, you’ll provide opportunities to connect with innovators around the world – not limited to within your companies. We work with companies regardless of industry and size, from startup to enterprise. Your employees can pursue a mentoring certification that teaches them how to be a successful mentor, increasing their leadership capacity.

why do some mentorship programs fail?

poor planning

Without a plan, any number of things can go wrong without the strategy in place to address those issues.

With Engage Mentoring: Our program is organized an in-place offering the structure, resources, and support you need for ongoing success.

not scalable

In-house programs often put a massive burden on internal staff trying to facilitate the program.

With Engage Mentoring: Our fully administered program and software can scale as much as you need!

traditional hierarchies

Typically, mentoring relies on traditional hierarchies which aren’t structured with personalized professional development in mind.

With Engage Mentoring: We match mentees and mentors based on relevant skills & interests. This provides employees with their own development programs.

insufficient training

Many programs don’t provide enough context or an example of how to be an effective mentor/mentee.

With Engage Mentoring: We provide the resources and tools along with our structured, proven program to help mentors & mentees reach their goals.

lack of measurement

Programs without measurables or analytics don’t have insights into program effectiveness.

With Engage Mentoring: Engage Mentoring software includes a helpful analytics dashboard with ongoing reporting. Plus we’ll review metrics with you.

bad matching

Oftentimes we hear programs don’t prioritize matching candidates to those who are a good fit leaving mentees uncomfortable and without progress.

With Engage Mentoring: We match mentees and mentors based on the goal development skills.

a workplace mentoring program makes an impact

We’re fully committed to helping you succeed. We show this by delivering a scalable & measurable mentoring program that is fully administered by our team. We prove our commitment by assisting with onboarding, providing ongoing reports and quality check-ins, annual metric reviews, and dedicated support.

our Net promoter score: 82

*industry average NPS: 36

average participant engagement is 90%

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"People are happy at work if they’re growing and learning or if they’re impacting. Mentoring does both of those things."

Don Cates​

President & CEO | 3Rivers​

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how does the mentorship program work?

Step 1: launching the program

The mentorship program is fully administered by us. This means no lift from your internal teams saving you the time and hassle.

Step 2: mentor/mentee matching

Our proprietary Engage Mentoring software allows you to filter and sort mentors on criteria that’s important to you (race, gender, years of experience, industry, etc.), allowing you to select a mentor that will resonate with you.

step 3: library of resources

The Engage Mentoring program goes beyond connecting your team to mentors. We have developed a robust, curated library of learning resources for self-guided improvement.

step 4: reporting & analytics

Reports are sent directly to you so no need to constantly log in and check the dashboard – but it’s there if you want it. Monthly analytics ensure engagement and allows us to track impact.

we make mentoring easy


Regardless of number of employees or their unique location, companies of all sizes in all countries can engage with us.


Taking the burden off of your already over-extended internal teams and managers ensures long-term success and sustainability.


Metrics and quarterly reporting ensure we’re moving the needle and tracking outcomes on the effort.


Our mentorship programs are fully administered by us – which means absolutely no lift on your end.

let's start developing engaged employees & leaders

We make the initialization process of our mentor programs seamless for you and your team.

Let’s discuss where you’re wanting to move the needle inside your company. Start the conversation by clicking the button below.

We’ll explain the details & timeline of getting your mentorship program up and running.

We provide communications examples to help gauge interest from your team and start the enrollment process.

After your list is finalized, we’ll handle all onboarding and orientation for you!

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