mentoring resources in a university setting develop aspiring leaders

mentorship program for students using our mentoring software grows the next generation of leaders

The Aspiring Leaders Program is primarily offered to college students who demonstrate a commitment to their development. The program provides connections and opportunities for growth.

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what the program includes

1:1 mentoring

Students select topics of their choice for areas of growth and leverage our technology to self-select a mentor of their choice on that topic for 3-months. At the culmination of those 3-months, participants select a new area of growth and a new mentor – resulting in a total of 4 mentors per year. 

group mentorship & coaching

Every other month, students are invited to participate in group sessions to engage in. This provides a space for public speakers who deliver a variety of insights. In addition, the program offers group coaching from participants across the country. 

capacity building tools​

Accessing our robust Skills Learning Library provides additional tools and resources which are accessible 24/7. This library of resources covering more than 40 topics in both personal and skill development provides additional guidance for growth. 

recruitment opportunities

Students can choose to be visible to our national span of employers for future employment opportunities. Offering the availability to upload their resume and sync their LinkedIn profile; our platform provides an avenue to be visible to companies who are committed to culture, growth and development.

how engage mentoring makes an impact

When it comes to career development, access to meaningful relationships is everything.

We’re not the only mentoring solution, but we’re separating ourselves from the pack. When companies enroll their employees in one of our programs, we give back by sponsoring a college student into our Aspiring Leaders program at no cost to the student and no cost to the educational institution, providing an opportunity to influence your local community and grow the next generation of future leaders.

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"People are happy at work if they’re growing and learning or if they’re impacting. Mentoring does both of those things."

Don Cates​

President & CEO | 3Rivers​

why do some mentoring programs fail?

poor planning

Without a plan, any number of things can go wrong without the strategy in place to address those issues.

With Engage Mentoring: Our program is organized an in-place offering the structure, resources, and support you need for ongoing success.

not scalable

In-house programs often put a massive burden on internal staff trying to facilitate the program. 

With Engage Mentoring: Our fully administered program and Engage Mentoring software can scale as much as you need!

traditional hierarchies

Typically, mentoring relies on traditional hierarchies which aren’t structured with personalized professional development in mind.   

With Engage Mentoring: We match mentees and mentors based on relevant skills & interests. 

insufficient training

Many programs don’t provide participants enough context for how to be an effective mentor/mentee.

With Engage Mentoring: We provide the resources and tools along with our structured, proven program to help mentors & mentees reach their goals. 

lack of measurement

Programs without measurables or analytics don’t have insights into program effectiveness.

With Engage Mentoring: Our Engage Mentoring software includes a helpful analytics dashboard with ongoing reporting. Plus we’ll review metrics with you.

bad matching

Oftentimes we hear programs don’t prioritize matching candidates to those who are a good fit leaving participants uncomfortable and without progress. 

With Engage Mentoring: We match mentees and mentors based on the goal development skills. 

mentoring that makes an impact

We’re fully committed to helping you succeed. We show this by delivering a scalable & measurable mentoring program that is fully administered by our team. We prove our commitment by assisting with onboarding, providing ongoing reports and quality check-ins, annual metric reviews, and dedicated support.

our Net promoter score: 73

*industry average NPS: 36

average participant engagement is 90%

interested in aspiring leaders?

Our program gets future leaders connected

aspiring leaders program participants can...

how the program works

Step 1: launching the program

Engage Mentoring strategically partners with educational institutions to afford participation into our program for their students. We work directly with our educational partners to help identify and enroll their students.  

Step 2: mentoring matching

Our proprietary software allows you to filter and sort mentors on criteria that are important to you (race, gender, years of experience, industry, etc.), allowing you to select a mentor that will resonate with you.

step 3: library of resources

The Engage Mentoring program goes beyond connecting your participants to mentors. We have developed a robust, curated library of learning resources for self-guided improvement.

step 4: reporting & analytics

Reports are sent directly to you so no need to constantly log in and check the dashboard – but it’s there if you want it. Monthly analytics ensure engagement and allows us to track impact.

we make mentoring easy


Regardless of number of employees or their unique location, companies of all sizes in all countries can engage with us.


Taking the burden off of your already over-extended internal teams, ensures long-term success and sustainability.


Metrics and quarterly reporting ensure we’re moving the needle and tracking outcomes on the effort.


Our programs are fully administered by us – which means absolutely no lift on your end. 

here's how you get started

We make the mentoring process easy for you and your team.

Let’s discuss how you want to leverage mentoring to impact your student population. Start the conversation by clicking the button below.

We’ll explain the details of partnering with us & timeline of getting your program up and running.

We provide communications templates to help gauge interest from your students and start the enrollment process.

After your participants list is finalized, we’ll handle all onboarding and orientation for you!

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