Reflections and Looking Forward to 2022

Looking back over this past year, Engage Mentoring has hit strides of unmatched growth and development. Much of what we’ve accomplished this year has centered around exciting new clients, an enhancement to our program offerings, and the way that program is delivered through our software to our clients. We have added some incredible key staff as we have been growing our team. The leadership we now have in place has developed exceptionally well and is allowing us to look toward the future as we continue to scale and grow our programing overall.

When I think about how the mentoring world has shifted in the last year, from an engagement perspective, we have gotten away from the traditional construction of a program. This traditional construction, meaning there is one population as a mentor only and everyone else as mentee only. With this structure, you are constantly driving one group to connect with the other. Instead, Engage Mentoring has been encouraging, teaching, and embracing the idea that everyone has relevant experience, talents, and abilities to share. We have been capitalizing on those strengths and teaching people how to be not just a mentee, but also a mentor and to embrace the idea that mentoring doesn’t always come from someone more senior. This reverse mentoring is a valuable way to grow as a leader and learn new things while spotting new talent within an organization.

Engage Mentoring, at its core, provides a resource that helps nonprofits, companies and associations construct mentoring programs that are scalable and easy to administer. I see that continuing to grow and as we take on exciting new projects in the coming year. At the same time, our Project Lead for Women program is a tremendous opportunity to support the development of women leaders, in particular, within organizations, allowing them to meet new people and connect to mentors on topics of their choosing and grow as leaders.

Coming up on January 10th, Engage Mentoring will announce the new president of our diversity initiatives. This person will be initially responsible for the growth of our Project Lead for Women program, which will open many doors of opportunity for us. In addition, we will be scaling the Project Lead for Women program into new national markets, and announcing some exciting new non-profit and university partnerships around the country. We are certainly excited for what is to come in the new year and have much to celebrate on our successes throughout 2021. Stay tuned!

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