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Our passionate team has carefully designed our mentoring programs to fit a variety of environments. Offering mentoring as an additional benefit to your participants is a tangible way to show your investment in them, both professionally and personally.

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workplace mentoring

Mentoring in the workplace provides an opportunity for development and support for your employees while creating a more inclusive culture in your workplace; ultimately increasing engagement and combating attrition and helping you attract new talent.

association mentoring

Implementing a mentoring program into your association provides an additional path for you to fulfill your mission while providing valuable opportunities to your members for connection.

higher education mentoring

Mentoring for higher education institutions provides an opportunity for development and retention for your employees and students creating an inclusive culture. Involve your alumni as well to connect and support your entire community.

elevate your organization through mentoring relationships

Today’s world recognizes the value of mentorship and how it can lift participants to new personal and professional heights. Like apprenticeships in prior generations, mentorships have the ability to pass on hard-earned, practical industry wisdom in ways that conventional training can’t match. Mentorship programs offer one of the best ways to grow the next wave of managers and executives from within the organization. However, the mechanics of facilitating mentor/mentee relationships and schedules within and especially between organizations is difficult. Engage Mentoring offers a scalable platform, from best-in-class software to newly launched mentorship services, that can help companies, associations, and higher education institutions eliminate the logistical challenges of mentorship programs and dramatically boost the benefits realized from helping employees, members, and students help each other.

It is important to look at why mentoring matters through the lens of attracting, developing and retaining your most valuable resource, your people. Our mission is to help organizations develop their people affordably, efficiently, and at scale. Having access to meaningful, diverse connections through mentorship is a foundational aspect of growing individuals and growing a culture of knowledge transfer. Establishing mentoring relationships does not solve all culture issues, but it helps eliminate communication silos and broaden perspectives.

Also, mentors can be candid about the poor communication skills of their mentees and teach them how to improve. Over time, the student with a mentor becomes an effective communicator, which will help them in their career.

Engage Mentoring helps organizations design, manage, and measure the impact of mentoring relationships. Our mentoring platform can bring a degree of convenience, depth, and effectiveness lacking in other mentorship efforts.

We connect mentees with mentors across any of dozens of topics. These could be topics of professional need / expertise or personal interests. Engage Mentoring bolsters its software with regular group mentorship sessions in which speakers spur group engagement around potential new lines of professional exploration, which can then lead to new mentorship directions. Engage Mentoring encourages participants to be both mentors and mentees. This dual role helps foster leadership capacity from both parties. This is helpful for program participants – including youth – to gain leadership experience and career mentoring.

Clients repeatedly note how cultural change took off in their organization when mentees learned who their resources were. At that point, a mentoring culture is born, and participants see a path to growth set before them. In addition, mentors take a personal stake in those they’re helping and work harder to elevate the organization. Many organizations assume that people understand and practice mentoring by default; however this is not the case. Organized workplace mentoring is a critical piece of a cultural strategy designed to attract, retain, and develop talent. Research shows that culture is 12.4 times more likely than pay to predict whether an employee stays or leaves. DEI helps people in need be seen and heard. Mentorship gives them a voice. Read more about the tangible economic benefits of mentorship, including higher revenue, lower turnover, and improved decision making in this blog post.

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We’re fully committed to helping you succeed. We show this by delivering a scalable & measurable mentor program that is fully administered by our team. We prove our commitment by assisting with onboarding, providing ongoing reports and quality check-ins, annual metric reviews, and dedicated support.

Whether you need a program that provides positive outcomes for employee, member, or youth mentoring, we can help!

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average participant engagement is 90%

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“I definitely have seen increased growth in skillsets particularly as the Engage Mentoring program has evolved.”

Pamela Morris-Thornton

VP, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | Panera

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“People are happy at work if they’re growing and learning or if they’re impacting. Mentoring does both of those things.”

Don Cates

President & CEO | 3Rivers

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“This is constant two-way learning. It’s not just having a mentor, but being able to mentor others.”

Chris Egge

GM of US Operations | Clay Products

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“It’s been phenomenal to see the connections our employees have made with one another.”

Natalie Schraner

Sr. HR Partner | Indianapolis Airport Authority

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