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Supporting the Advancement of Women Leaders is Important... Now More Than Ever

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Project Lead for Women is a leadership development program designed around structured mentoring, both one-to-one and in small group forums. This unique, national program facilitates external mentoring within and across industries, and allows participants to select mentors based on topics of their choosing. Participants are invited to further develop their leadership capacity by also serving as a mentor to others in the program, including college students.

Here’s how it works:


Schedule a time to talk to one of our Mentoring Program Specialists to discuss your current leadership development initiatives and learn more about our Project Lead for Women Program.


Invite women in your organization to apply for the Project Lead for Women Program.


We take it from there!  We onboard the selected participants and provide metrics and data reporting back to you.  It really is that easy!

Learn more about Project Lead for Women

Engage mentoring offers two program tracks to support The Development Of Employees In Your Organization:

The Project Lead for Women Program

This 12-month leadership development program for women leaders includes monthly individual mentoring sessions on topics of their choosing and group mentoring forums involving all Project Lead for Women participants across the country every other month. Participants also further develop their leadership capacity by serving as mentors to others, including college students.

The Developing Leaders Program

Employees who are selected to participate in this 12 month program demonstrate a commitment to their development and the development of others. This program requires a time commitment of 1–2 hours each month. Additional learning and identifying mentors occurs through virtual quarterly forums of Developing Leaders across the country.


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