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Mentoring provides an opportunity for development and retention for your employees and students creating an inclusive culture across your campus; involve your alumni as well to connect and support your entire community.

let's collaborate to build a thriving culture

Access to meaningful relationships is key to growing inclusive cultures and cultivating belongingness. Through Engage Mentoring’s virtual software platform, you can connect your employees, students, and alumni, too, to professional and personal development opportunities.

Let’s work together in areas that matter most:

  • Attracting and Retaining Talent
  • Employee Engagement
  • Creating an Inclusive Culture
  • Fostering a Sense of Belonging

how it works

Our program is built to serve colleges and universities of all sizes and is fully administered by our team. Engage Mentoring software is a perfect complement to internal or external mentoring initiatives.

1. choose topics & skills​

Participants self-select key areas and topics in which they want to develop. By providing key topics for both personal growth and professional growth, our programs allow your your employees and students to develop their whole selves.

2. schedule mentoring meetings

Engage Mentoring software makes selecting times that work best for both parties quick and easy. Mentors identify when they’re typically available and and mentees choose times within the provided options. 

3. browse built-in resources

Participants can take advantage of our comprehensive archive of learning resources built-in to our software that teaches them the art of mentoring.

4. executive reporting dashboard

Each client has access to their own dashboard of reporting giving you the insights you need to stay on track with your goals and maximize the value to your association.

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"It’s been phenomenal to see the connections our employees have made with one another."

Natalie Schraner

Sr. HR Partner | Indianapolis Airport Authority​

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