establish successful mentoring relationships in a school setting

mentoring programs for higher education institutions promote networking & development

Mentoring provides an opportunity for development and retention for your employees and students and creates an inclusive culture across your campus. Involve your alumni as well to connect and support your entire community. These partnership programs connect people who have specific skills and knowledge (mentors) with individuals (students / mentees). The match is beneficial to all in their networking and development.

student mentorship program

A traditional approach to mentoring for a higher education institute is to connect students as mentees to alumni as mentors utilizing a mentoring software. While this traditional approach may initially be met with some enthusiasm, sustaining interest in the program in the long term is often a challenge. 

Research shows engaging alumni in giving back to their alma mater through mentorship is a powerful way to keep alumni connected to your institution, but only if the program is done well and designed for maximum engagement. By structuring programs that allow alums to serve as both mentor and mentee, this allows former students to remain connected to your institution in a powerful way.

At Engage Mentoring, we offer a variety of student mentoring programs and unique strategies for engaging alumni through structured programs. Our student programs are unique because they combine group mentorship with one on one mentoring and we have programs which connect students to members of the business community. In addition, our proprietary mentoring software allows students to upload their resume and opt for visibility to recruiters to aid in helping them make a successful transition into the workplace.

faculty & staff mentoring

Higher educational institutions are not immune to the challenges facing workplaces today. A structured mentoring program can address many of the key drivers for attracting, retaining, and developing the very best faculty and staff. A formalized mentoring program with measurable learning outcomes is key for building a talent magnet culture in today’s environment.

At Engage Mentoring, we offer a variety of ways to structure formalized mentoring programs to achieve the maximum engagement and return on investment. We work with you to structure a mentoring program that meets your needs and focuses on the outcomes you wish to achieve. We leverage our technology to build a program to your specifications and we are the only mentoring software that offers options for both internal and external mentoring.

building alumni, student & employee engagement creates a thriving culture

Access to meaningful mentoring relationships is key to growing an inclusive culture and cultivating belongingness. Through Engage Mentoring’s virtual mentoring software platform, you can connect your employees, students, and alumni to professional and personal development opportunities. These structured learning relationships set up within an organization match your mentors and mentees for successful outcomes.

Let’s work together in areas that matter most:

Our mentoring program meets these goals and more!

how do we help higher education institutions?

We have a vast amount of experience working with companies and organizations of all sizes to offer a formalized diversity mentoring program. We are the only program that is scalable and can meet the needs of any sized college or university. We are the only mentoring program that has a built in training and certification program to ensure your mentors and mentees are prepared and engaged. We are the only platform that has the option for external mentoring. Finally, we are the only mentoring program that fully administers your program. We are your outsourced resource for an impactful mentoring program designed to help you attract, retain, and develop a diverse employee, undergraduate and alumni population.

what makes a mentoring program fail?

poor planning

Without a plan, any number of things can go wrong without the strategy in place to address those issues.

Our mentorship program is organized and offers the structure, resources, and support you need to experience smooth implementation and ongoing success.

not scalable

In-house programs often put a massive burden on internal staff trying to facilitate the program.

Our fully administered mentorship program can scale as much as you need and provides a great experience for program participants in any size organization!

traditional hierarchies

Typically, mentorship programs rely on traditional hierarchies which aren’t structured with personalized professional and career development in mind.

We connect mentees and mentors based on relevant skills & interests. This helps participants develop a mentoring relationship with alumni, students and faculty & staff. It also provides mentees with career mentoring.

insufficient training

Many programs don’t provide enough context for how to be an effective mentor/mentee.

We’ve done the research and provide the resources and tools along with our structured, proven program to help mentors & mentees develop skills and reach their goals. This training benefits the participants and the association.

lack of measurement

Mentoring initiatives without measurables or analytics don’t have insights into program effectiveness.

Our program includes a helpful analytics dashboard with ongoing reporting. Plus we’ll review metrics with you so you can be sure your organization’s diversity initiatives are successful.

bad matching

Oftentimes we hear mentorship programs don’t prioritize matching candidates to those who are a good fit leaving mentors and mentees uncomfortable and without progress.

We match mentees and mentors based on the goals they wish to develop, making your organization more successful in its mentoring initiatives.

engage mentoring software provides:


We work with higher education and business clients of all sizes. Our smallest client has 8 team members and our largest client is deployed in 70+ countries.

social impact

As a give back, we partner with nonprofits and universities to sponsor college students in our Aspiring Leaders mentoring program. By working with us, you are impacting the next generation of future leaders.

mentoring certification

Participants in our mentoring program are fully trained and certified as mentors, ensuring their preparedness for the mentoring conversations.  This certification is built into the software and offered on demand.

full administration

Best of all, our programs are fully administered by us – which means absolutely no lift on your end. We make mentoring easy for your management!

how the program matches mentors & mentees for a beneficial mentoring relationship:

Our program is built to serve colleges and universities of all sizes and is fully administered by our team. Engage Mentoring software is a perfect complement to internal or external mentoring initiatives. Our program promotes employee engagement and youth mentoring and develops a healthy diverse culture at your institution.

1. choose topics & skills​

Participants on our mentoring platform self-select key skills and topics they want to learn more about. By providing key topics for both personal and professional growth, our program allows both mentors and mentees to develop their whole selves.

2. schedule meetings with your mentor

Engage Mentoring software makes selecting times that work best for both parties quick and easy. Mentors identify when they’re typically available and mentees choose times within the provided options.

3. browse built-in resources

Participants can take advantage of our comprehensive archive of learning resources built-in to our software that teaches them the art of mentoring.

4. executive reporting dashboard

Each client has access to their own dashboard of reporting. The reporting highlights the benefits of the program, gives you insights to stay on track with your goals, and maximizes the value to your college or university.

ready for the mentoring program that engages your campus community?

Mentoring programs for higher education institutions assist in the development of young people by matching mentor skills with areas for youth development. Want to know how Engage Mentoring can be a resource for you?

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"It’s been phenomenal to see the connections our employees have made with one another."

Natalie Schraner

Sr. HR Partner | Indianapolis Airport Authority​

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