Positive mentoring experiences offer students access to career opportunities and greater chances for success in the workplace.

Engage Mentoring offers colleges and universities an easy solution for a student mentoring program that allows students access to qualified mentors in the business community. There is no need to use valuable resources to reinvent the wheel or build a program from scratch. Engage Mentoring has a depth of experience providing powerful student mentoring programs that benefit both mentees and mentors.

Why Student Mentoring?

• Students who are mentored throughout college are 170% more likely to finish their Bachelor’s Degree.

• Mentoring has also been shown to be good for attendance. A 2016 study shows that students who meet regularly with their mentors are 52% less likely to skip a day of school compared to their non-mentored peers and 37% less likely to skip a class.

• Not having a mentor has proven to be detrimental. Students without mentors make on average of $24,000 less than their peers and receive far fewer promotions.

Benefits of Engage Mentoring’s Student Mentoring Program

  • Live on-boarding program that includes training to ensure students have a positive and useful mentoring experience
  • Guidance on how to select a mentor
  • Access to trained mentors in the local community and throughout the US
  • Mentoring sessions can take place by phone, online, or in person
  • Progress reports for key decision-makers to evaluate students’ progress

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