Your employees take part in a program that is impactful for both them and your business.

Mentoring sounds like it would be beneficial to your business, but the execution of a structured mentoring initiative can seem daunting, which may be why you haven’t done it yet. You’re not alone. Engage Mentoring heard the marketplace and created a proven process to allow companies, large and small, to offer formalized mentoring programs to their employees and improve corporate social responsibility. With the Engage Mentoring program, your business can tap into our proven methodology of creating a culture of leadership, diversity, employee engagement, and community involvement, all through a high-quality mentoring experience.

The process is as simple as selecting your participants and providing us with their names and email addresses. We do the onboarding, training, facilitation, and reporting. Your employees take part in a 12-month program that is impactful for both them and your business. And, our monthly progress reports with key decision-makers help ensure you’re achieving your goals for the program.

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Corporate Mentoring Program for All Participants:

Additional Engage Mentoring Program benefits for key executives:

  • Engage Mentoring Talent Roundtable  – Program partners appoint executives to serve on the Talent Roundtable. The Roundtable helps plan activities and participates in roundtable discussions throughout the year to share best practices on people-first strategies.
  • Engage Breakfast – In select markets, we hold an annual Engage Breakfast for people-focused leaders to convene and share best practices on employee engagement strategies and tactics and to celebrate our partners.
  • Engage Quarterly Events – We hold quarterly Engage Mentoring events with great speakers on topics related to mentoring for program participants and prospective partners.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – The Engage Mentoring program affords participants the opportunity to connect to mentors and also to mentor others in the program, including selected college students. This enables employees to grow their skills as mentors and for employers to attract, retain, and develop talent while impacting the next generation.

Engage Mentoring’s corporate mentoring program combines many initiatives into one turnkey program:

1) Leadership Development – Our program provides key executives and emerging leaders with opportunities to expand their management skills, as well as gain access to the perspectives of their peers.

2) Talent Development – Mentoring programs help businesses attract, retain, and develop their talent, and they can enhance internship programs.

3) Employee Engagement –Having highly engaged employees translates into retention. Knowing they have someone who is supporting their development means employees are more likely to stay – particularly those within the Millennial generation.

4) Diversity and Inclusion – Corporate mentoring programs promote access to relationships internally and externally that otherwise may not have existed. Unfortunately, people tend to create relationships with those who are just like us. A formalized program like Engage Mentoring opens the possibility for new partnerships to form and builds a culture of inclusion where people capitalize on knowledge transfer across many experiences.

5) Community Impact – Our localized programming connects business and community leaders who are committed to supporting their local economy.

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