CEOs Need Mentors Too – Perhaps Even More

At Engage Mentoring, we work with companies to offer workplace mentoring programs for their employees because the companies recognize access to relationships is a critical part of any talent strategy and formalized mentoring addresses so many of the challenges facing employers today.  A formalized mentoring program can help address succession planning, knowledge transfer, efficient skill development, talent attraction, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, improved communication, while building leadership capacity and helping leaders to spot talent at all levels.

Executive leaders are often expected to be the mentor, but what about accessing mentoring for the executives?  As a C-Level leader, everyone around you is looking to you to have all the answers and to set the strategic direction and it can be very lonely at the top.  The higher you go, the more critical mentoring really becomes and yet, the harder it is to access sometimes.  We find executive leaders sometimes tend to turn to their spouse or significant other for advice on topics that can’t be shared internally and often the significant other makes a great sounding board, but often don’t necessarily have the experience to draw from in supporting the executive with sound advice that can only really come from a qualified mentor – someone who has been there, done that, and done so successfully.

What is also often surprising is how many executive leaders either view a formal mentoring program as being only there for them to be the mentor, rather than looking for mentors themselves.  And while executive coaching can certainly aid in helping executive leaders develop and accomplish their goals, this isn’t a substitute for executive mentoring.  In addition, CEO Mastermind Groups can be a space to learn and grow from other executives, but they are often time consuming and lack the ability to connect to a mentor in a one on one fashion.  Having other C-Level executives to call on to share their opinion and advice from a place of successful experience is especially invaluable to executives.

It was in the recognition of this significant need that the C-Suite Exchange was born.  The C-Suite Exchange Forum is a program for C-Level Executives to collaborate with other executive leaders and receive mentorship on the many challenges facing leaders today. This program provides a safe space for like-minded executive leaders.  This unique program for executives provides a confidential space to participate in monthly facilitated small group sessions, combining group coaching and mentoring. In addition, you gain access to a worldwide database of mentors from a variety of different industries on leadership topics of your choosing. Unlike other mastermind groups requiring more of a time commitment, this year-round program accelerates learning and development and only requires a time commitment of 1-3 hours each month.

At Engage Mentoring, we believe the C-Suite Exchange is a game changer for executives who value the ability to build their network with other executives.  By participating in the program, executives can connect for one on one mentoring sessions and participate in group mentoring with other executives on topics of their choosing, while also being willing to share perspective with others in the program on selected topics.  This exchange of ideas allows for the building of a meaningful relationship with executives from a variety of different industries.

Come learn more about the C-Suite Exchange Program, a mentoring program like no other.  Hear from great speakers and meet other executives in a virtual space at our Launch Party on July 12.  We look forward to having you participate!  Here is the link to register today.

To apply right away, visit this link.

Alison Martin is the Founder and Managing Director of Engage Mentoring, a software-enabled leadership development program that helps companies attract, retain, and develop their talent through strategic mentoring initiatives. For more information, visit www.engagementoring.com.

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