Jami Burdine, Gregory & Appel: A Testimonial

Mentoring has played a role in my life by allowing me to grow and learn from others who I feel may have been more experienced, have more wisdom in whatever the situation I was getting mentored on and being able to learn from someone that could give me candid feedback. It’s great to have someone […]

Natalie Schraner, Indianapolis International Airport: A Testimonial

Unofficially, I’ve had mentors my entire professional career, I think a lot of the times this happens when you really don’t even sign up for it. It’s kind of a natural thing that happens with coworkers. And I think that the ability to connect with another professional is an invaluable experience. It’s just kind of […]

Don Cates, 3Rivers Federal Credit Union: A Testimonial

Mentoring has played a role in a couple of different ways. First, as a mentee, I can’t say that I had a lot of formal mentoring relationships, but I have tried to learn something from a lot of different people, whether that’s good or bad, positive or negative. I always try to be cognizant of […]

The Developing Leaders Program: Bring Employee Engagement to the Next Level

Engage Mentoring’s signature program is our Developing Leaders Program. This is a 12-month cohort-based leadership development program where participants (typically employees) get access to mentors both inside and outside of the company on the basis of topics they want to learn more about. Prior to starting the program, will complete a pre-assessment that determines their […]

Diversity, Equity, and Mentoring: Make Them Part of Your Inclusion Strategy

The basis for any great diversity development strategy should include the inclusion aspect of what the organization is doing to make sure all employees feel supported, developed, and have access to critical relationships. Many times diversity programs start with a developing resource group to support employees, communicating that diversity is a priority for the employer. […]

Hallmarks of a Great Mentoring Program

Mentoring needs structure and clarity. When a company does not have a structure for their mentoring program, they lack clarity and fail to get consistent outcomes. Companies that rely on mentoring to take place organically miss the opportunity to really measure and track outcomes and build the bench effectively. In addition, diverse employees are often […]

How to Make Your Mentoring Program Successful: Part 2

What you need in a good mentoring program is somebody who tactically understands what metrics we are driving towards and is responsible for the outcomes related to those. For us, an ambassador is simply somebody who is administering the program. But we have done the hard work of making sure we have leadership buy-in, and […]

Why Most Mentoring Programs Don’t Work: Part 1

Most mentoring programs fail because companies fail to take into account the clarity around matching mentor and mentee in terms of what the goals are and how to track outcomes. Leadership Mindset For any good mentoring program to work, there really needs to be buy-in from the top leadership and adoption at all levels. Philosophically, […]