Meet the Engage Mentoring Team: Yalonda Brown

Yalonda Brown President of Diversity Initiatives As the President of Diversity Initiatives for Engage Mentoring, Yalonda will be responsible for leading the national expansion of the Project Lead for Women program, which is in alignment with her experience and core values. Yalonda Brown is a seasoned professional whose expertise spans over 20 years in both […]

DEI and Your Formalized Mentoring Program

Formalized mentoring is a powerful strategy to support your company’s diversity, equity and inclusion goals.  Formalized mentoring ensures access to relationships, which should be included as a critical piece of the strategy when you consider inclusion as an aspect of your efforts to attract, retain, and develop diverse talent. Absent a formalized structure, organizations will […]

Meet the Engage Mentoring Team: Liz Yust

Liz Yust Regional Sales Manager Liz Yust is the Regional Sales Manager at Engage Mentoring, helping to lead sales efforts through the leadership and development of our Market Leaders Team.   Liz strives to be a servant leader as she loves to ensure people are seen, heard and accomplishing their big, hairy, audacious goals. With over […]

Meet the Engage Mentoring Team: Sloane Thompson

Sloane Thompson Operations Director   Sloane Thompson recently joined the Engage Mentoring team as Operations Director. Sloane works closely with our clients during onboarding processes and throughout the year to ensure everyone has the richest experience with our mentoring platform.  Sloane has led teams of university career development, academic advisors and MBA mentors who have […]

My Passion and Purpose: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion by Yalonda Brown

At my core, the Engage mission resonates with me on so many levels.   If it were not for organizations investing in my development, along with mentors who cared enough to nurture my potential and help me bring my best to each growth experience, I would not be prepared for such an amazing opportunity to […]

Announcing Engage Mentoring’s Black Leadership Initiative

We are so thrilled to share that we have partnered with an organization called Mission Fulfilled 2030 to provide mentorship opportunities for black college students from historically black colleges and universities across the nation. This is not only an amazing opportunity for the students participating but also for the companies part of sponsoring this program. […]

Deepen Your Organization’s Core Values by Better Leveraging Your Mentoring Program

First and foremost, it is important that every organization has core values identified. Core values help to guide an organization’s every decision, whether it is hiring or what they do from a business perspective and what their business practices are. If a business has established this as part of their culture and they really remain […]

Employee Turnover: Unconscious Bias and Mentoring

Without structure for mentoring, we generally assume that mentoring relationships are naturally occurring. And the reality is they are, but we tend to mentor younger versions of ourselves because of our unconscious bias.  Having a structured mentoring program addresses many of the key reasons that employees stay engaged with their work and cause them to […]

Employee Turnover: Why It Matters and How Mentoring Can Help

There is no other expense as significant to the employer in terms of costs and in lost productivity than employee turnover. At any given time, 73% of employees are looking for another job, which is a pretty staggering statistic when you consider that each employee lost can cost the employer up to one and a […]

Jennie Gerken, 3Rivers Federal Credit Union: A Testimonial

For me personally, what I’ve learned about mentoring and having a mentor or mentee is that it is more about the partnerships and the connections that we make with people than anything else. And it wasn’t until getting started and re-evaluating what was needed for me, for my whole-self and in my life, whether that […]