Meet the Engage Mentoring Team: Yalonda Brown

Yalonda Brown President of Diversity Initiatives As the President of Diversity Initiatives for Engage Mentoring, Yalonda will be responsible for leading the national expansion of the Project Lead for Women program, which is in alignment with her experience and core values. Yalonda Brown is a seasoned professional whose expertise spans over 20 years in both […]

DEI and Your Formalized Mentoring Program

Formalized mentoring is a powerful strategy to support your company’s diversity, equity and inclusion goals.  Formalized mentoring ensures access to relationships, which should be included as a critical piece of the strategy when you consider inclusion as an aspect of your efforts to attract, retain, and develop diverse talent. Absent a formalized structure, organizations will […]

Meet the Engage Mentoring Team: Liz Yust

Liz Yust Regional Sales Manager Liz Yust is the Regional Sales Manager at Engage Mentoring, helping to lead sales efforts through the leadership and development of our Market Leaders Team.   Liz strives to be a servant leader as she loves to ensure people are seen, heard and accomplishing their big, hairy, audacious goals. With over […]

Meet the Engage Mentoring Team: Sloane Thompson

Sloane Thompson Operations Director   Sloane Thompson recently joined the Engage Mentoring team as Operations Director. Sloane works closely with our clients during onboarding processes and throughout the year to ensure everyone has the richest experience with our mentoring platform.  Sloane has led teams of university career development, academic advisors and MBA mentors who have […]

My Passion and Purpose: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion by Yalonda Brown

At my core, the Engage mission resonates with me on so many levels.   If it were not for organizations investing in my development, along with mentors who cared enough to nurture my potential and help me bring my best to each growth experience, I would not be prepared for such an amazing opportunity to […]

Meet the Engage Mentoring Team: Lamya Cruz

Lamya Cruz Partnership Coordinator Lamya Cruz was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. Cruz received her Bachelor of Science from Western Governors University in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management. In her current role as a Partnership Coordinator for Engage Mentoring, Cruz has incorporated her education and previous sales experience to drive […]

Reflections and Looking Forward to 2022

Looking back over this past year, Engage Mentoring has hit strides of unmatched growth and development. Much of what we’ve accomplished this year has centered around exciting new clients, an enhancement to our program offerings, and the way that program is delivered through our software to our clients. We have added some incredible key staff […]

Meet the Engage Mentoring Team: Robert Beltz

Robert Beltz Client Success Director Robert is the Client Success Director at Engage Mentoring, helping companies attract, develop, and retain a diverse population of employees by developing leaders through mentorship. His role is to support colleges and universities looking to make a significant impact with their students by offering the Developing Leaders Fellows program, to […]

Meet the Engage Mentoring Team: Alison Martin

Alison Martin Founder and Chief Partnerships Officer Alison is the Founder and Chief Partnerships Officer for Engage Mentoring and the author of the book, “Learning to Lead Through Mentoring“.  She has two kids and enjoys paddle boarding, traveling, and yoga in her spare time.   How does your role help contribute to the growth and […]

Our Vision at Engage Mentoring

Engage Mentoring has really mastered the art of offering external mentoring programs that will afford employers the ability to offer these programs to their employees that are fully administered by us and require no effort on part of the employer. Our program allows employees the unique opportunity to be able to give back to support […]