Announcing the Project Lead for Women Initiative

The Project Lead for Women Initiative is a program that is for women who want to accelerate their learning, build incredible relationships, and move fast toward their goals. Part of this initiative is the Project Lead for Women Mastermind series, which combines group coaching with one-on-one mentoring and allows women to build incredible relationships with other like-minded women in a small group setting and also gives them access to mentors on the basis of topics they choose for one-on-one sessions with a mentor in between the group sessions. The best part of all of is for every woman who participates in the program, we are able to offer a mentorship opportunity to a female college student or woman in transition through our partnership with the WELL Initiative.

The WELL Initiative is a nonprofit that is helping to provide mentorship opportunities to both female college students and women who are transitioning back into the workplace. In addition, companies can offer this program to women in their organization in order to align with their women’s initiative. “WELL” stands for Women Empowered to Learn and Lead. It’s really a tremendous opportunity to impact the next generation of future leaders.

So, not only is there a fully developed program that allows women to access mentors and serve as mentors themselves, but the companies who partner with us on this program also gain visibility to the students for recruitment opportunities as well, which is such a significant value proposition in a time when the talent market is so incredibly tight. 

Our ability to provide those opportunities at Engage Mentoring hinges on companies sponsoring the Project Lead for Women Initiative and also individual women who sign on to the Project Lead for Women Mastermind series.

A good candidate for the Project Lead for Women Mastermind series is a woman who is in a leadership role already or a high potential leader who aspires to move into leadership. Ultimately, they’re on a track. They are goal-oriented and ambitious and looking towards growing and developing and at the same time could benefit from the professional perspective of other like-minded female leaders. This is not an industry-specific program. It’s really centered around women who are ambitious and driven and working towards their goals and are wanting to move fast. As with anything, you get out of it what you put into it. The time commitment for the Project for Women Mastermind program is just two to four hours per month and we want women who are ready to be fully engaged and committed to their own development.

To learn more about the Project Lead for Women Initiative, visit https://engagementoring.com/project-lead-for-women/.

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