Announcing Engage Mentoring’s Black Leadership Initiative

We are so thrilled to share that we have partnered with an organization called Mission Fulfilled 2030 to provide mentorship opportunities for black college students from historically black colleges and universities across the nation. This is not only an amazing opportunity for the students participating but also for the companies part of sponsoring this program. They gain access to an incredible talent pipeline and, at the same time, developing their own leadership capacity by encouraging their employees to be both mentee and mentor through our Developing Leaders Program.

Mission Fulfilled 2030 is working to identify the students that will be candidates for the mentorship program, which is called the Developing Leaders Fellowship Program. Engage Mentoring is responsible for the corporate outreach to ensure we have a variety of available mentors for the students to choose from. We cannot be more excited about what this partnership represents. For individuals who would like to participate, we also have a program called the Black Leadership Initiative Mastermind series.

With this new program, on the company side, companies can identify employee populations that would go through the Developing Leaders Program.  Those employees are invited to be both mentor and mentee. As a mentee, they are able to connect to others in the program on the basis of topics they want to learn more about and as a mentor, they can choose topics on which they would be willing to share with others in the program, including the college students. For each available mentor that we have in our company program, we’re able to sponsor one student through our partnership with Mission Fulfilled 2030.

The key to a great experience and program is getting engaged and being intentional about making sure that participants are reaching out to the mentors, following through, and taking full advantage of all the resources and courses offered. Being intentional about the topics they select when choosing their mentor is also important. Like anything else, with this program, you get out of it what you put into it.

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