Addressing Unconscious Bias to Better Attract, Retain, and Develop Talent

Each quarter, the Engage Mentoring Executive Talent Roundtable meets and has a focused discussion on a topic related to attracting, retaining, and developing talent.

At our upcoming Engage Mentoring Executive Talent Roundtable, the focus topic will be addressing unconscious bias as part of a disability and inclusion strategy and the impact on talent attraction and retention. To prepare for the discussion, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Amy Waninger, Founder and CEO of Lead at Any Level, LLC.

There is much literature on the role unconscious bias plays in how we hire, how we promote, whom we mentor, and who gets sponsored. Amy has developed a tactical way to help individuals uncover their own biases and begin to address them by networking beyond their biases.

Please listen to the full interview by following this link. Be sure to weigh in on this topic by sharing your thoughts and what strategies and tactics your company uses to address unconscious bias in order to better attract and retain a diverse employee population.

To learn more about the Executive Talent Roundtable and the Engage Workplace Mentoring program, visit http://engagementoring.com.

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